The Suffers

The Suffers are just a few guys (and girl) having a good time playing music that they love.


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Thank you so much to our terrific fans for the recognition at the Houston Press Music Awards! We love you back!!

On a warm Austin evening in July, we played to a packed house for Redbull SoundSelect. Such a great experience! Thanks to #soundselect & pushermania for having us.  

Pics by: Daniel Jackson (1-6) and Chad Wadsworth (7-9)

What’s better than a Margarita & Tequila Festival? I’m having trouble finding anything at the moment. Thank you for letting us be apart of your first year! Here’s to many many more to come!

A hot Texas evening turned even hotter as you guys danced along with us! It was an honor to be apart of the 20th Anniversary celebration of Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewing Company Thanks for having us!

A few weekends ago we got up WAY too early, threw on our best clothes and met along the muddy bayou that runs through the heart of Houston. We smiled, took pictures, laughed, took more pictures and ate a few donuts. After a few hours we found ourselves at an old church whose bones have been preserved in an amazing way. Seemingly thousand of pics and smiles later we had new group photos. This will be an exciting year for us as we plan to release our first full-length soon. We are VERY proud to present this small grouping of photos by Daniel Jackson listenyoungman

One of the things about an outdoor festival is that the weather can be unpredictable…However, this past weekend at the Texas Crawfish Festival in Spring was beautiful! Thank you so much to everyone who came out!

We’ve always loved the Houston International Festival so when the call came in to play…we jumped at the chance. So so glad we did. Love you Houston!